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Check out Tony Ruocco and Curlie Becton wreck the pin. avoid obstacles. I leave a trail of rubble. The Roto Grip Wrecker.A funny thing happens the moment that I hit the pocket - utter annihilation. A chain reaction that obliterates anything standing in my way. All that's left is a path of destruction and a pained look upon my opponents' faces. The best part is, I'll destroy the pins without demolishing your bank account. This is what I live for, creating carnage and leaving my competitor crying on the side of the road. You'd better call a Wrecker.Guts.The Wrecker features the late rolling Neutron core - the same core thatgives the Shatter, Rising Star and Shooting Star their good lengths andstrong down-lane motion.Grit.The 52ML is a new hybrid reactive coverstock formulated to excel in medium tolighter oil conditions. This allows the Wrecker to easily clear the frontendof the lane like the Shatter, while giving you a more controlled motion at thebreakpoint.Grime.Combine the brand new hybrid coverstock with the proven control of the Neutron core, and the all-new Wrecker gives you earlier and more stable reaction than its wrecking mate, the Shatter, in medium-to-light oil. Lane Condition - Medium/Light OilHow To Keep Your New Ball Reacting StrongUse a clean, dry Storm microfiber towel during competitionAt the end of the session, use Storm Reacta Clean and spray liberally over the entire surface of the ballRub your hands over the surface of the ball in a scrubbing motion for 15-20 secondsTowel off the ball until dryEvery 10 Games - Re-polish surface with Storm Reacta ShineEvery 30 Games - Scuff surface with Abralon and re-polish with Storm Reacta ShineEvery 60 Games Ball is due for full resurface process

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