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  • 02:24 Popular BrunsNick and Friends at Albany Bowl

    BrunsNick and Friends at Albany Bowl

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    BrunsNick makes a surprise visit to Albany Bowl in Albany, CA. Brad Angelo and Johnny Petraglia bowl, sign autographs, "dance" and hang out with fans.

  • 02:58 Popular BrunsNick interviews the Brunswick Pro Staff

    BrunsNick interviews the Brunswick Pro Staff

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    How well do you know the Brunswick pros? BrunsNick recently interviewed some of the pro staff. Check out their answers to some off-the-wall and completely random questions. These guys definitely like to laugh and joke around...especially when they are put

  • 03:23 Popular Brunswick Pro Bowling for Xbox 360.flv

    Brunswick Pro Bowling for Xbox 360.flv

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    Crave Games, the full-service publishing division of Fillpoint LLC, one of the videogame industries' leading providers of online distribution, fulfillment, and e-commerce services for national retailers, today announced that Brunswick® Pro Bowling has shi

  • 03:11 Popular BrunsNick_Ball-Video.wmv


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    In this video, BrunsNick goes back to his roots...shaking off the rust and making bowling ball videos again! You'll see BrunsNick and friend throwing the latest balls from Brunswick. Learn more about BrunsNick and watch more of his video blogs at http://w

  • 02:26 Popular Brunswick Karma.flv

    Brunswick Karma.flv

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    Read more about the Brunswick Karma affordable performance bowling ball at

  • 02:37 Popular Brunswick Massive Damage.flv

    Brunswick Massive Damage.flv

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    Appetite for Destruction. Read more about the Brunswick Massive Damage bowling ball at

  • 03:51 Popular Brunswick Lethal Revolver.flv

    Brunswick Lethal Revolver.flv

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    Say Hello To Your Little Friend. Learn more about the Brunswick Lethal Revolver at

  • 05:02 Popular Brunswick C-System-ulti-max.flv

    Brunswick C-System-ulti-max.flv

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    Chemical Dependency. Learn more about the Brunswick C-(System) ulti-max at

  • 08:12 Popular Brunswick Nexus

    Brunswick Nexus

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    Developed in tandem, the Nexus ƒ(P+F) and Nexus ƒ(P) are the first balls ever produced using Brunswick's newest innovation — Addaptive Chemistry. Learn more at

  • 02:03 Popular BrunsNick Nexus.wmv

    BrunsNick Nexus.wmv

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    Check out the Nexus! One lane was Shark pattern and the other lane was a 42ft house pattern. I also had a guest bowler who strikes at will and prefers to remain anonymous like Batman. Watch more BrunsNick videos at

  • 03:37 Popular Nexus Reviews

    Nexus Reviews

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    Listen to what real bowlers have to say about the new Nexus bowling balls from Brunswick

  • 04:31 Popular Sean Rash 2011-WSOB Interview

    Sean Rash 2011-WSOB Interview

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    BrunsNick interviews Sean Rash at the World Series of Bowling

  • 04:53 Popular Brunswick Nexxus f (P+R)

    Brunswick Nexxus f (P+R)

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    Nexxus f(P+R). The winning formula. Go ahead, mix it up at

  • 04:49 Popular Brunswick C-(System) versa-max

    Brunswick C-(System) versa-max

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    C for Yourself. Discover the perfect solution at

  • 01:38 Popular Sean Rash and Dan McCarty

    Sean Rash and Dan McCarty

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    On Sunday, January 1, eight-year-old Dan McCarty rolls out a ceremonial first ball with Brunswick Pro, Sean Rash, on ESPN at 1 p.m. EST from The Professional Bowling Association (PBA) World Championship Johnny Petraglia Division Finals in Las Vegas, Nevad

  • 02:07 Popular Sean Rash Make-A-Wish.flv

    Sean Rash Make-A-Wish.flv

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    Sixteen-year-old wish kid Benjamin, an avid bowler who wants to improve his game, receives a private lesson from his favorite professional bowler, Sean Rash, courtesy of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Wyoming. Read more at