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  • 02:37 Popular Brunswick Massive Damage.flv

    Brunswick Massive Damage.flv

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    Appetite for Destruction. Read more about the Brunswick Massive Damage bowling ball at

  • 03:51 Popular Brunswick Lethal Revolver.flv

    Brunswick Lethal Revolver.flv

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    Say Hello To Your Little Friend. Learn more about the Brunswick Lethal Revolver at

  • 05:02 Popular Brunswick C-System-ulti-max.flv

    Brunswick C-System-ulti-max.flv

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    Chemical Dependency. Learn more about the Brunswick C-(System) ulti-max at

  • 08:12 Popular Brunswick Nexus

    Brunswick Nexus

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    Developed in tandem, the Nexus ƒ(P+F) and Nexus ƒ(P) are the first balls ever produced using Brunswick's newest innovation — Addaptive Chemistry. Learn more at

  • 02:03 Popular BrunsNick Nexus.wmv

    BrunsNick Nexus.wmv

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    Check out the Nexus! One lane was Shark pattern and the other lane was a 42ft house pattern. I also had a guest bowler who strikes at will and prefers to remain anonymous like Batman. Watch more BrunsNick videos at

  • 03:37 Popular Nexus Reviews

    Nexus Reviews

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    Listen to what real bowlers have to say about the new Nexus bowling balls from Brunswick

  • 04:31 Popular Sean Rash 2011-WSOB Interview

    Sean Rash 2011-WSOB Interview

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    BrunsNick interviews Sean Rash at the World Series of Bowling

  • 04:53 Popular Brunswick Nexxus f (P+R)

    Brunswick Nexxus f (P+R)

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    Nexxus f(P+R). The winning formula. Go ahead, mix it up at

  • 04:49 Popular Brunswick C-(System) versa-max

    Brunswick C-(System) versa-max

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    C for Yourself. Discover the perfect solution at

  • 01:38 Popular Sean Rash and Dan McCarty

    Sean Rash and Dan McCarty

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    On Sunday, January 1, eight-year-old Dan McCarty rolls out a ceremonial first ball with Brunswick Pro, Sean Rash, on ESPN at 1 p.m. EST from The Professional Bowling Association (PBA) World Championship Johnny Petraglia Division Finals in Las Vegas, Nevad

  • 02:07 Popular Sean Rash Make-A-Wish.flv

    Sean Rash Make-A-Wish.flv

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    Sixteen-year-old wish kid Benjamin, an avid bowler who wants to improve his game, receives a private lesson from his favorite professional bowler, Sean Rash, courtesy of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Wyoming. Read more at

  • 05:04 Popular Brunswick C System maxxed out

    Brunswick C System maxxed out

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    The cobalt/teal solid C-System maxxed-out combines the new Ultra Low RG Dual Flip I-Block symmetrical core with our new C-System maxxed-out coverstock to create a strong and controllable hook motion that serves as the perfect complement to the C-System ve

  • 05:30 Popular Brunswick Nexxxus f (P+S)

    Brunswick Nexxxus f (P+S)

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    The bronze/graphite pearl Nexxxus f(P+S) is the latest breakthrough in Brunswick's Addaptive Chemistry as it adds more length, more aggressive snap, and more total hook. The polished Nexxxus f(P+S) makes a significant performance advancement by producing

  • 04:25 Popular MeanStreak


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    The red/black pearl Meanstreak combines a new long and lean High RG symmetrical core and new Addaptive f(P²) Pearl coverstock for even more projection to produce a ball motion that easily skids down the lane on medium to light oil lane conditions. The new

  • 04:16 Popular Aura


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    The black/purple solid Aura combines the new Aura Ultra Low RG core and the new Optimum-Flip coverstock, the latest advancement in Brunswick's performance-enhancing additive chemistry. The combination fo the new coverstock formulation with the dynamically

  • 01:46 Popular Introducing Carl

    Introducing Carl

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    Introducing Carl. Stay tuned...