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Talk Bowling Episode 106 - How to Hook a Bowling Ball / Standing Left Going Deep

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Question from YouTube viewer kaseyuyesugi:Q - In a typical house condition...what kind of ball do you use? Do you still hook the entire lane or does he square up to the lane and use urethane and entry level equipment?A -"On a typical house shot I tend to use mid performance symmetric equipment with the sarge grip. Start out playing around 3rd arrow most of the time, but move deeper throughout the night. I also throw a mean back up ball when the lanes get really weird on the right side."Question from assassinflight:Q - Hi, im looking to start bowling a hook and want a ball i can grow into what would you advise on house lanes.A - That is a very broad question. What you are quickly going to find out is that there is no one right bowling ball. As lanes surfaces change not only based on the day you bowl, or even the time you bowl. They actually change while you bowl and they change differently based on who you are bowling with.However, to get started bowling, I usually recommend going more with an entry level or lower performance bowling ball. Mainly because they are cheaper, and you don't need to spend too much money until you know more about your game. Drilling a bowling ball for an individual correctly, really depends on their PAP, and you don't necessarily know where your is until you have some basic delivery down and an understand of your release.I would start with something like a Brunswick Slingshot, Storm Tropical Storm, or something along those lines. Get it professionally fit, and learn to throw that ball. You will probably quickly learn that you want something more aggressive and that will hook more as you improve.Question from Christopher D:Q - Here's a question. I have a really aggressive Taboo Blue/silver, I'm standing on the lane next to me, just to hit high pocket. Should I buy a new ball, or should I switch to my even-more aggressive ball; The Reaction. I'm learning how to be more consistent , but it doesn't help the fact that in the early to middle 2nd game, the lanes transition to a really dry lane, which causes both of my aggressive balls to react with more hooking.  I'm also having a hard time making my ball roll, instead of slide. My balls will just slide into the pocket, instead of sliding, and then rolling. Is there anything I can do to try and control my bowling balls?One last thing; I've been slowly getting my average up (163 League average, right now), but I've been hitting high games, 200s, 230s, etc. Is there any way I could make my average go up any faster then the regular 2-3 pins a week?A - If you are already starting that far left, then you answered your own question. You need something a little weaker and you need to get back to the right some. It's fun and you can impress people hooking the ball that much, but it can really be detrimental to your average.You say you are getting some high scores, but how often? As for getting your average to go up faster, that is all dependent on the number of games you have bowled this season. It's the law of averages.Example 1: You have bowled for 3 weeks, and your average is 163.0. You shoot a 600 tonight, your average is going to jump up to 172.25. (Long math: ((163.0 x 9) + 600) / 12)Example 2: You have been bowling for 20 weeks, and you average is the same 163.0. You shoot the same 600 tonight, your average will only go up to 164.76. (Long math: ((163.0 x 60) + 600) / 63)For you own information, after you feel like you have made a positive change in your game, track your scores over the last 4 or 5 weeks, and see what your current average is to make yourself feel better that you are improving, and not look at the whole season's average.Sponsor:This weeks episode is brought to you bu Storm Bowling and the all new Vivid.The intent of the new Vivid is to create a motion which expands the current Premier line, giving you a clear picture of the lane condition while utilizing Storm's most technologically-advanced cores and coverstocks. This new Vivid will be a perfect fit between the original Virtual Gravity Nano solid and pearl versions, combining midne traction and backend hook.Purchase a Vivid now through March 31st and you can receive a $20 mail-in rebate from Storm Bowling.Check out the Vivid ball reaction video on to contact usEmail us [email protected] a comment on TalkBowling.comOn Twitter we are @TalkBowlingFacebook Week's Question of the Week:Q - Who won the first ever PBA title using a reactive resin bowling ball?A - Mark McDowell - AC Delco Classic - January 7, 1992 at Gable House in Torrance, CAQuestion of the Week:Q - Who was the first left handed player to win a national PBA tournament?A - Watch the next episode

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