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Talk Bowling Episode 86 - Where Should I Start On The Approach?

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Question from Rose:Q -- Hi, I just started bowling on a league this year.I have been practicing a lot. Recently I had someone working with me,he told me to bend my knees and lean forward a little. Which seemed to help. But I also was told to stand right of the center dot to start, but my ball seem to go left.So I try to stand to the left of the center dot and I seem to bowl better. I am a right handed bowler,what should I do?A -- This is where practice helps. Where to start is entirely dependant on many pieces of information, the bowling ball, your release/speed/timing, lane conditions, etc... Starting in a certain spot on the lanes is just that, a start. You need to watch the ball reaction and make adjustments from there. Practice will help you know your equipment.Some things you read will suggest during practice, you throw your bowling ball to see the oil pattern, rather than trying to strike. There are different ways to do this, but you are trying to get a sense of how long the oil pattern is, and does it seem heavier in the middle, on the outside, or more even.From this point, you will adjust left and right. Just because you were told to start right of the center dot, doesn't mean you should stay right of it. Maybe that day, the person working with you saw the way the lanes were playing, and that is what you needed to do. Maybe that person didn't really know what you needed to do, and that was just a guess on their part.How to contact usEmail us [email protected] a comment on TalkBowling.comOn Twitter we are @TalkBowlingSponsor: Fleurop.comAre you looking to buy flowers for a special person in your life? Whether it's for an anniversary, birthday, or better yet, just to say "I love you", fleurop has a large selection of flowers and gifts to let that special someone know you care. Their website well designed, easy to navigate, and easy to use.TalkBowling viewers can save 20% off any order by using promotion code BOWLPOD1.Help support us by supporting our sponsors.Last Week's Question of the Week:Q -- Who was the last woman to repeat as USBC Queens Champion and when?A -- Katsuko Sugimoto -- 1981-82Question of the Week:Q -- "Who is the Lifetime Average Leader at the USBC Open Championships and what is it (Based on a minimum of 20 years of participation)?"Closing:Please remember that is free shipping on every item, every day. No hidden handling fees, no packaging fees, no added insurance fees. The price shown is the price you pay at checkout. No Surprises.

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