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Talk Bowling Episode 87 - Looking For A Bowling Ball That Reacts Better On Longer Oil Patterns

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Talk Bowling -- Episode #87Question from Nicco Vicari:Q -- I am looking right now for a ball that can react better on longer lane oils I would also like the ball to have a smoother roll through the front and a strong backend reaction. Is there a ball you can recommend for me? I am a currently holding a 187 average in my Saturday Sport League and about to bowl in a PBA Experience League. I throw the ball around 15-16 mph and i my rev rate is around 325 rpm. Thank you for your time.A -- Nicco you are looking for two different balls. On a longer pattern you would want something that will be steady strong reaction from start to finish. No abrupt change in direction just really strong rolling. In this case I would suggest any of the newer products that offer a duller finish out of the box. Brunswick has the alpha-max, Storm has the Nano and Roto has the Theory. Remember that you should also use a specific layout based on your PAP to lay these balls out for the reaction you want.Your other question was for a ball that was smooth through the heads with a strong backend. You may be able to achieve this with the same products only drilled different and a shinier cover finish. You could also look at balls like the Bank Pearl from 900 Global, the Inifinite Theory from Roto Grip or the Boomerang from Lane #1.Remember on conditions like that it is very tough to have a ball to cover a variety of ball motions and lane conditionsHow to contact usEmail us [email protected] a comment on TalkBowling.comOn Twitter we are @TalkBowlingSponsor: ChampsSports.comDid you know that offers you a winning selection in sportswear and shoes from leading brands in the industry. Whether you are into Basketball, soccer, baseball, or just plain old running, ChampsSports has the shoes for you. With name brands like, Nike, Jordan, Adidas, and more, you are sure to find something that suits you. ChampsSports is for the Ultimate Sports Fan.TalkBowling viewers can save 10% off any order over $50 by using promotion code AFTALKCH. And if you spend over $75, use promotion code AFBOWLCH to save 15% instead.Help support us by supporting our sponsors.Last Week's Question of the Week:Q -- "Who is the Lifetime Average Leader at the USBC Open Championships and what is it (Based on a minimum of 20 years of participation)?"A -- Michael Nape of Yorkville, Ill -- 216.86Question of the Week:Q -- Which President originally had the bowling alley installed in the White House?A --Closing:Please remember that is free shipping on every item, every day. No hidden handling fees, no packaging fees, no added insurance fees. The price shown is the price you pay at checkout. No Surprises.

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