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Talk Bowling Episode 95 - Sharing Equipment In League/Tournament Play

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Question from Jason:Q -- Hi my brother and I just got the Vise IT in our equipment. The cool thing about it is that we both have the same pitch, span, and fingers. The only thing is that he had a larger thumb than me. My questions is during League or Tournament is it OK that we can use each others bowling balls or even the same one during the competition.A -- I am glad that you are happy with the Vise IT. For those that do now know, IT stands for Interchangeable Thumb, and is Vise's system to let you have the same thumb hole feel in every ball. It is similar to the Turbo Switch Grip. We are proponents of these systems, as it is very important to have the same feel from ball to ball. And this is one way of achieving that. If you have us drill your new bowling ball, we can install either the Vise IT, or the Turbo Switch Grip for you.You can also have multiple inserts made so that instead of adding tape, you can just change the insert, especially if your thumb swells and/or shrinks a lot during competition.The only reason we don't use one of these systems is because of we would end up wasting quite a bit of the inner pieces. Since we shoot a video for so many different balls, it is cheaper for us to use a thumb mold. Putting the inner pieces in for just a video shoot doesn't make sense for us.As for your competition question, there is nothing in the rule book that prohibits multiple people from using the same equipment. You will only annoy the people you are bowling with/against if it ends up causing a delay in the game because you are waiting for the ball to return.How to contact usEmail us [email protected] a comment on TalkBowling.comOn Twitter we are @TalkBowlingSponsor: ChampsSports.comDid you know that offers you a winning selection in sportswear and shoes from leading brands in the industry. Whether you are into Basketball, soccer, baseball, or just plain old running, ChampsSports has the shoes for you. With name brands like, Nike, Jordan, Adidas, and more, you are sure to find something that suits you. ChampsSports is for the Ultimate Sports Fan.TalkBowling viewers can save 10% off any order over $50 by using promotion code AFTALKCH. And if you spend over $75, use promotion code AFBOWLCH to save 15% instead.Help support us by supporting our sponsors.Last Week's Question of the Week:Q -- Where did the term"Brooklyn" originate?A -- This refers to a shot that "crosses over" the 1-3 pocket for right-handers and produces a strike. It originated in New York where people would "cross over" to Brooklyn from Manhattan. A side term "Jersey" references left-handers and refers to people crossing over from Manhattan to New Jersey.Question of the Week:Q -- What was the lowest series ever bowled in ABC/USBC Tournament history?A -- Watch The Next Episode For The AnswerContest gives away a brand new bowling ball every week of the year. 52 weeks, 52 winners. All you have to do is signup for our contest weekly.Also through the end of the May 2011, there is a separate giveaway just for participating on Come join the community of bowlers there, discuss equipment, lane conditions, tips, techniques, and more. Every post you make is an entry into a drawing for a brand new bowling ball.Closing:Please remember that is free shipping on every item, every day. No hidden handling fees, no packaging fees, no added insurance fees. The price shown is the price you pay at checkout. No Surprises

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